WETKISS Super Kõrge Kiilud Mary Janes Kingad Daamid Paks Platvorm, Pumbad, Pannal Rihma 15CM Kõrge Kontsaga Pool Pulmad Kleit ja Kingad


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€74.02 €40.71

  • Pumbad: kingad pumbad
  • Hooaeg: Kevad/Sügis
  • Kontsa Kõrgus: 15 cm
  • Mudeli Number: MM1105
  • Brändi Nimi: wetkiss
  • Sobivus: Sobib tõsi suurus, võtke oma tavaline suurus
  • Ülemine Materjal: PU
  • Sündmus: Pidu
  • Sulgemise Tüüp: Pannal Rihma
  • is_handmade: Jah
  • Stiil: magus
  • Vooder: PU
  • Pumba Tüüp: Mary Janes
  • Euro Suurus: 35-46
  • Platvormide: Jah
  • Kanna Tüüp: Kiilud
  • Välistalla Materjal: Kummist
  • Varba Kuju: Ring Varvas
  • Platvormi Kõrgus: 5 CM
  • Sisetald Materjal: PU
  • Moe Element: kiilud mary janes super kõrge kontsaga
  • Päritolu: CN(Päritolu)

Märksõnad: aed pulmad kontsad, neo kiil, kangas wedges kingad, mõõtmine kiilud, kompress kevad, baar mary jane kontsad, kanna naised, naiste kingad wedge platvorm kontsad, mens paksu platvorm kingad, talve jalatsid.


Milica Raia
Received 35 days after the order was placed. Exactly as shown, in bright red color, these platform Mary Jane wedges together weigh 1078g with a 170mm heel height and 50mm platform height embossed with the number 45 underneath and measure 295mm long 90mm wide inside. They fit perfectly with the 27mm wide 200mm long strap buckled in the middle of 5 holes. A 15mm long 20mm wide fabric elastic connect the buckles to the shoes. All inside edges are neatly piped with 5mm cloth material so they will not chafe. They are very stable and comfortable making them easy to walk in.
Luisito Porsiempre 96
A very nice design, if you look for boring and dull colors, don't go for the red one, because it is totally stunning! If you got wide feet there might be issues with the toes, for my a little bit special pinky toe it had to wear in a bit. The wedge platform base is carved very well, is very solid and has an excellent arch support. Guess I will need the suede style too. I try to upload some pictures later.

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