SACE LADY Silma Meik Set Veekindel Pikendamine Ripsmetušš Kauakestev Silmapliiats Pliiats, 6 Värvi Kulme Värviline Geel Harjad ja Kosmeetikatooted


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€10.00 €8.50

Pakett Sisaldab: 1*Ripsmetušš + 1*Silmapliiats + 1*Kulmude Gel + 2*Pintsel

  • Tüüp: Meik Komplekt
  • Funktsioon 2: Veekindel
  • Brändi Nimi: SACE DAAM
  • Funktsioon 1: silma meik komplekt
  • NET WT: 6ml
  • Päritolu: CN(Päritolu)
  • Koostisosa: ripsmetušš+silmapliiats+kulmude geel
  • Kogus: 1 Komplekt
  • Mudeli Number: kulmude komplekt

Märksõnad: eylure kulmu geel, 3d-meik palett, naiste juuksed ombre, foto kulmu, rituaalid kosmeetika pulgad, komplekt makup, veekindel ripsmetušš, mackup komplekt, kas ilu, silmad silma kulmu pliiats.


Great set! Every remedy is very good. In short: mascara is really waterproof, it is very difficult to wash off than either. Even micellar has problems. Well applied and does not crumble. The liner is soft, bright and rich color, odorless. Also quite well holds in the rain and slush. But it is already easier to wash off. Gel-shadows for eyebrows chic. They stick to the hairs and skin and are washed off only by micellar. The color keeps all day without divorce and does not change its color. Besides this, this is my ash cold blonde!!! YAY!! Brushes are excellent, but the templates had to be used not for their purpose. I protect them forever from carcases. Because the shape is slightly different and I prefer to draw eyebrows from my hand. The order reached the deadline. Packed was great! Already made a repeat order with large amounts of funds!
Very good.
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All perfect

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