ORICO Heatsink soojushajutamise Radiaator Alumium SSD Jahutus jahutusradiaator M. 2 NVME NGFF 2280 PCI-E SSD Heatsink Jahedamaks


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€9.23 €6.92

Kõik-Alumiinium Disaini Heatsink

Topelt-Side Thermal Pad

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Milline on Lisatud : Heatsink *1 Jahutus Silikoon *2 Kruvikeeraja *1

Toetust NGFF protokolli ja NVMe M. 2 2280 SSDs.

Toote Detailid

  • Päritolu: CN(Päritolu)
  • Brändi Nimi: orico
  • Paigaldamine: Push-pull paigaldus
  • Suurus: 76mm(L)*29mm(W)*8.2mm(H)
  • Mudeli Number: M2SRA
  • Tüüp: Heatsink
  • värv: Sinine/Punane/Hõbe
  • Punkt: SSD Heatsink
  • Taotlus: Kõvaketas
  • Heatsink Materjal: Alumiinium
  • Pakett: Jah

Märksõnad: vask radiater, juhul, hdd orico, alumiinium heatsink, kindspec, york, ssd heatsink raske, cpu cooler, jahutusradiaator, hd ssd, m2 nvme.


Dizhla Shamoyan
In principle, the goods correspond to the description. Itself, the case in the form of a matchbox is fixed with four screws (in the kit there is a screwdriver), aluminum is thick enough -- not foil, and painted in (my case in blue) completely. On the SSD will hold on to thermo-pads (included) On the SSD yet did not put about its efficiency. Visually: All Well excellent box in films, with all information (true in English and Chinese) it looks like a box and "live" -- well, there is an instruction A good seller and shop, I plan to take it further in it
He arrived in 18 days and in excellent condition.

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