Jerry Lokkis Masin Parukas Juustest Parukad 180% Tihedus Loomulik, Remy Juuksed Arabella Lokkis Juustega Parukas Naised


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€70.65 €33.20

  • Sobiv Suremas Värvid: Tumedamat Värvi Ainult
  • Päritolu: CN(Päritolu)
  • Tekstuur: Jerry Curl
  • Brändi Nimi: ARABELLA
  • Cap Suurus: Keskmine Suurus
  • Juustest Tüüp: Brasiilia Juuksed
  • Parukas Tekstuur: Jerry Lokkis
  • Materjal Hinne: Remy Juuksed
  • Põhimaterjal: Šveitsi Pits
  • parukas tüüp: Masin Parukas
  • Pits Värv: Pruun

Märksõnad: juuste inimeste parukas, hairnet, nüri lõigatud, brasiilia curl jutustama, parukas, birma juuksed, shangke lühike parukas, emerald juuksed, Pruun Šveitsi Pits, ARABELLA.


H S 2804
The length was great and the curls are beautiful! I didn't like the "part" so much. The hair isn't curly where the part is and I can only wear the part on that side. I wish the curls were to the roots because then, you can style it many different ways. All in all, it's a Great wig! I don't like lace front because they are itchy and can rub your hair out. This one doesn't have lace so it's very comfortable! I dyed it because I like color in my hair. It's very soft. No shedding and no smell. After I dyed it, the curls were still as pretty as before. This wig is full! Bottom picture is before I dyed it and after it was washed. It came with many gifts also. Fast shipping! It arrived in less than a week! Thank you Seller!!
Alena Misyak
Just received the hair, very soft.I haven’t wear it yet.The only thing so far is the parting,don’t like it that’s why am giving 4 star.But overall good hair.will add a photo once install.

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